Printing FAQ:

How long does the printing process take?
3-7 business days after approval, because it verys between the products, for details, click here.
**during holiday seasons, our turnaround time will increase by an additional 2 business days due to our high volume. Thank you for your cooperation.

Hosting/Email FAQ:

How do I add or change email accounts?
Login to postmaster's webmail account and click on "Domain Admin" where you will be able to add/edit/delete email accounts

If I forgot my password, how do I reset them?
If you forgot or lost your postmaster login or password, you will need to use the form below to submit a reset request, an email with the reset password will be send to the email on file, you can then login to change the password though your webmail. If you are not the postmaster/admin, then please contact your system administrator to reset your password.

My site is down, what should I do?
If your site is down, make sure a few things before contacting our support
1. that your domain is not expired and your hosting account has been paid for.
2. your Internet connection is "live" and you can see all other websites
3. Try wait 5-10min and restart your computer to see if the site is working, some time the server are restarted due to updates, patches, or virus scans. That way, it will give enough time for the server to reboot and the restart of your computer will help clear your system cache and re-detect your site.
4. All other issues, use the form below to submit a support ticket, and don't worry, most likely, we are working on the issue already, so please be patient.

If I need to make changes to domain name, what do I do?
You need to login to your domain control panel from . if you don't know your password, you may email us below to request one. Once logged in, you can change contact info, change registrar, or renew more years.

Design FAQ:

What is the process for web design and how long does it take?
Most of the web site design takes between 5 days to 3 weeks, depends on the complexity, some might even require 6 months or more to complete. The process will be simple, we will go over the site structure and design ideas on the first meeting, then we will give you a quote, once approved, the programming and design process begins (a small deposit may be required if the project if over $500 USD), you may make many "reasonable" changes as needed, free of charge, unlike other companies that only allow 1 or 2 modifications. After the project is complete and live, we then collect the remaining balance.

How long does design work take?
Print design work are usually an hour or two for small jobs; few days for poster or multi-page catalogs
Graphic designs for the web are usually less then a day, except flash animation.

If you still have questions, please select the area that you have questions with. Write your detail question in the section below. Your support ticket will be processed within 24 hours.

Support Ticket System

If you has a technical question, you may post it to this support system and someone will take care of the problem.
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